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EFF establishes partnership with UK commercial property VAT bridging loans provider BloomSmith.

Partnering with BloomSmith raises the bar for supporting businesses aiming to expand into the UK. This teamwork simplifies the process of getting essential assets like factories and offices, making it easier to handle cash flow challenges and VAT-related expenses.

These financial moves empower foreign investors to boost their presence in the UK, navigating currency complexities smoothly.

“This partnership represents a major milestone for BloomSmith which is dedicated to offering clients solutions that are both financially sound and strategically beneficial. Through this alliance of both companies, BloomSmith is enabling businesses to prosper in the UK market.””

– Nigel Smith, CEO, BloomSmith


Our collaboration with BloomSmith, the top provider of commercial property VAT bridging loans in the UK, offers clients a fresh financial solution that can further enhance their investment strategies. This addition seamlessly fits with our existing services, signaling bright opportunities ahead.

Moreover, this partnership paves the way for exciting future service expansions.

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To read more about BloomSmith, visit their website.

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