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Outsourcing of accounting services


Today's labor market is characterized by dynamic turnover, which poses a challenge to maintaining steady bookkeeping and good conditions for development.

Outsourcing is a simple solution, opted for by more and more companies looking to strengthen their brand and scale up their operations. To ensure the best quality of service, it is worth betting on a service provider with a narrow scope of specialization.


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By choosing to work with us, you will gain:

comprehensive financial and accounting services in one place,

access to years of experience of a specialized team of financial and accounting experts in the areas of AP/AR/GL/Payroll,

access to advanced accounting service tools and new technologies without having to implement them in your own enterprise,

a chance to optimize the fixed costs of your own financial departments, as well as training and management of employees.

By entrusting us with partial (hybrid accounting) or full accounting for your business, you will have the support of experienced and independent specialists, without the need to organize their work, carry out repeated onboarding or provide a fully equipped workstation. Above all, this means saving time and money, which you can invest in areas that are key to your business profile.


Want to file your tax return quickly and correctly? Need help with your financial statements? Or are you looking for a replacement for your employees during the holiday season?

Our catalogue of services is both diverse and flexible. If you are looking for a solution to an unusual problem or want to see if outsourcing accounting is a solution for you, get in touch with us. For many of our clients, the initial takeover of a few accounting processes has turned out to be the starting point for long-term and extensive cooperation, often expanded to their other sub-companies.

Our clients are, among others:

small, medium and large enterprises, from a wide range of industries,

stand-alone entities or groups of affiliated companies,

entrepreneurs interested in long-term and short-term cooperation,

companies interested in both assessing the performance of financial processes and finding new ways of their optimization.

In our work, we combine knowledge and best practices from having experience with various industries. Our experts are fluent in business English, German, Swedish, French, Spanish - and dozen other languages!


Cooperation with us is based on a mutually agreed upon and transparent SLA, defining the scope and pricing of provided services, which, together with the current needs of our clients, can be extended to include further processes or tasks. The client may choose where the migration of processes and tasks takes should take place (e.g. online, at our headquarters or at the client's premises with an experienced team of financial and accounting experts).

During the term of the contract, we handle the agreed upon tasks and processes in a timely manner and stay in touch on a daily basis. We guarantee sustained contact (by email and telephone) and availability, with regular meetings to ascertain the quality of services, in the form decided by the client.

Throughout our cooperation, we dynamically respond to the current needs of the client, flexibly adapting to any unforeseen events.

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