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In recent years, sustainability has become an increasing priority, for consumers, producers, and politicians alike. Large corporations have resources to maintain own personnel or even departments and hire whole teams of consultants within sustainability. Smaller organizations may face similar requirements and needs but are often in a difficult position concerning where to start and how to find resources and funds.

EFF offers companies and other organizations practical help with meeting obligatory requirements and other needs. We focus on getting the job done quickly and cost efficiently. Our expertise has been developed during years of close cooperation with our owner, the DUNI GROUP, who has undergone a dramatic transformation from a producer of single-use products to becoming a sustainability leader.

Depending on the size and ownership of the organization, the EU’s ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) will begin to be mandatory from 2024 (published in early 2025 for 2024 data). The requirements will come to apply for companies regardless of whether they are listed. The ESRS will cover more ESG-related topics than companies are currently accustomed to reporting on. Furthermore, the reporting boundaries will be extended outside of the organizations themselves and into the value chain, both upstream and downstream, to give a better understanding of an organization’s true ESG impact.


Apart from legal obligations, other benefits of developing sustainability reporting and processes include:

Increasing the company’s appeal with its current and potential customers

Accessing sustainable finance such as Green Bonds and ESG linked loans

Ship goods to individuals through local sorting and storage facilities

Saving money by decreasing energy consumption and recycling

Increasing employee engagement and becoming more attractive as an employer

Reducing business risks due to environmental or societal factors

Thus, complying with obligatory requirements is far from the only reason to develop reporting and processes for sustainability. Contact us to learn more how we can support your ESG journey.

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Do you want to implement ESG in your company?

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Marie Gomersall
Sustainability Expert

Clients about EFF

  • We are happy to recommend EFF company thanks to our successful cooperation so far. High quality of performed services, high availability and a wide scope of their offer are of a great value. Their trustworthiness is based on professional business service and efficient communication with a client.
    Agnieszka Strycharz
    Chief Accountant, Monolith Group
  • We have the pleasure to work with Duni EFF within VAT Compliance services, which we can honestly recommend for any company seeking a professional support in tax related problems or similar. We can always count on their reliable advice and prompt answers to all of our questions. Duni EFF experts’ big commitment and individual approach to a client cannot go unnoticed. Their high competence and vast professional knowledge ensure all our needs are met and it facilitates efficient cooperation.
    Małgorzata Łysio
    Administration Specialist,
  • Across the years of working with Duni EFF, we developed a fantastic professional relationship. Their services to us included AR and AP and I have to say, nothing was ever too much or too little for them to help us with. They were very efficient and knowledgeable, you could say I learned a thing or two from them! It was a pleasure to work with them.
    Sophie Thompson
    Payroll Specialist, Cloetta UK
  • Duni EFF are tax professionals in the European Union. In cooperation with them, I especially appreciate the individual approach to each case. In international sales, there are often non-standard situations, from which they always find a way out. Their experts have extensive knowledge and provide it in a very accessible way. Duni EFF is a proven, reliable partner in business.
    Miłosz Wójcik
    Chief Product Officer Nethansa
  • We at Euroflorist are very pleased with EFF's high competence and ability to adapt to our changing needs.
    Per Gränse
    CEO, Euroflorist
  • During our 5-years of cooperation with EFF we have significantly reduced operating costs and improved quality and transparency of our processes. Very positive and somewhat unexpected for us is how fast and smooth implementations have been.
    Hans Petterson
    Finance Director
  • I would strongly recommend the services of EFF. We have transferred a large part of our AP processes to EFF. The transfer was very efficient and unbureaucratic. The employees of EFF are very ambitious, focused and it is a pleasure to work with them. Thus we were able to increase the reliability and quality of our AP with the same number of employees. Through the competence and experience of EFF, at a good value for money, we can concentrate better on our main business.
    Jorg Schulz
    Sales Director
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