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Who is required to register VAT?

Companies who:

  • import goods to Ireland
  • buy and sell goods in Ireland
  • sell goods online directly to Irish consumers (registration is required when the annual sales value exceeds EUR 35,000.00)
  • store goods in Ireland with the purpose of further resale
  • organize live events in Ireland, such as shows, conferences, etc.

Foreign entities should complete form TR2. Available on the Irish tax office website ( There is no option of submitting the application electronically.

Applications must be sent to the following address:

Dublin City Center Revenue District
9-10 Upper O’Connell Street
Dublin 1

Failure to register may result in a EUR 4,000 fine.

The reporting period is bimonthly. To register VAT, you must complete form VAT3. You may also choose a different reporting period, namely 4 months or 6 months. It is also obligatory to file the annual RTD application. Declarations should be submitted by the 19th day of the month following the closing of the reporting period. You can do this on-line via ROS (Revenue On-line Services) available at

Foreign entities conducting business activity in Ireland must also abide by local regulations concerning, among others, invoicing and archiving of accounts and registries for the period of 7 years.

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