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Credit management


In any company, the monitoring of receivables is a key task that keeps the company stable. The control of financial inflows and outflows, i.e. proper management of 'cash flow', guarantees the sustainable development and smooth functioning of the company.

Sometimes start-ups focus mainly on generating profit, forgetting how important it is to have on-time receivables from counterparties. If a company does not monitor cash flow it risks losing its liquidity. This can be avoided if finances are handled by the specialists in the EFF's Receivables Department.



In order for a company to perform well, it is important to know the market and implement best practices:

we collect business information and check customers for their reliability - it is good to know who we are doing business with

we implement pre-collection practices that help minimise the risk of accumulation of overdue receivables and payment gridlock


At EFF, we speak the language of your receivables. Our employees are fluent in almost all European languages and are therefore familiar with the cultural realities in specific countries. It is best to communicate with foreign companies in their language, as this allows you to build good relationships and solve problems more efficiently. We will contact contractors both in Europe and internationally to :

ensure that invoices are correctly issued and reach the customer on time

remind you of the due date

clarify possible inconsistencies and propose mutually acceptable solutions


We have been involved in controlling receivables for many years. However, we never stop developing our skills and competences.

we adapt processes to current legal and social requirements

we know which practices are most effective in which countries

we actively improve existing process solutions to make them even more effective

We act EFFectively. Take a look at our offer!

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Team Leader Accounting

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