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Company registration
in Poland and abroad


Entrepreneurs who expand their businesses internationally are often compelled to open a branch or a company abroad and hire new employees there.

It is a smart business decision, which enables expansion on foreign markets, helps with the development of your business and reaching new clients abroad. We can help you with preparing the documentation required for company registration, as well as contacting the local fiscal offices and registering units. Based on our experience in company registration, we will help you find the best solutions for your company.

What prompts entrepreneurs to establish their companies abroad?

favorable taxation rules

political stability

government undertakings to support entrepreneurial growth

less market constrains

increased competitiveness

business protection policy

global logistics possibilities

work efficiency

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Are you thinking of setting up a new company abroad? Or maybe you already run one?

Do you wish to manage all accounting processes of your companies or branches abroad from a single location in Poland? Do you think of outsourcing all or some of your accounting processes?

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Area Chief Accountant

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