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Audits and fiscal inspections


We assist our clients when various audits and fiscal inspections are required at their companies.

By maintaining your company's books of accounts, we have access to the registers, archived purchase and sales invoices, fixed asset registers, bank statements, account entries, statutory data, resolutions, correspondence, tax declarations, reports for previous years, confirmations of balances from counterparties and other documentation needed to prepare data for auditors and tax inspectors. By outsourcing bookkeeping to us, you save the time needed to contact auditors and compile a set of attachments in response to queries from controllers, and you gain the assurance that the documentation prepared will meet the criteria required by them.

During many years of cooperation with our clients, we have participated in group audits, individual audits, reviews, internal control audits carried out by the Big Four auditors, as well as by smaller local audit offices (in Germany, Poland, Sweden, France, among others). We have participated in tax audits in the areas of VAT, personal income tax, corporate income tax, Social Security, and the experience we have gained from this allows us to efficiently carry out further audits.

Thanks to access to the auditors' portals via your company's accounts, we provide the auditors with the necessary reconciliations and documents for the selected sample directly and within the required deadline. We keep you informed about the course of the audit and provide support throughout the process.

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