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What eCommerce traders should know


Many companies engaged in eCommerce conduct their business solely online. Maintaining Accurate and reliable accounting is crucial for all of them. We prepared specially designed accounting services for clients engaged in eCommerce via FBA; comprehensive accounting services for online marketplaces, taking into account the specific nature of online trade, and the individual needs of the company.

Accounting for eCommerce traders

Amazon offers entrepreneurs immense possibilities to sell their products on international markets. The number of online marketplaces constantly grows. Online trade requires however not only expertise in using online tools, but also maintaining accurate accounting. For this reason, we provide international tax settlement services for eCommerce traders using FBA solutions, supporting entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business through global networking. We offer flexibility and expert knowledge of the online market, supporting both experienced sellers and those who consider setting up an online shop. Our services also include support with VAT registration, submitting VAT declarations, and advising on VAT related matters.


Our services include:

FBA and eCommerce consulting

International accounting in situ

Comprehensive and detailed accounting services for online marketplaces

Consulting on accounting and VAT in terms of Amazon FBA.

Registering companies, settling VAT (submitting VAT declarations on behalf of the client)

Accounting in line with data provided by Intrastat – statistics on trade in goods between countries of the European Union

Monitoring company’s financial situation and reporting all financial information

Support with handling VAT and invoicing of international transactions


We also offer full support with accounting and control of online marketplaces. Based on FBA, the eCommerce industry requires more varied financing solutions. As one of few outsourcing companies we provide security, reliability and accuracy of financial documentation along with specialized knowledge in the field, taking into account the changeability of online markets, the mechanisms of online marketplaces and online tools used by them. We provide consulting services for companies conducting their businesses based on FBA, EFN, CE and/or PAN-EU, adapting to each model individually.


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