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The obligation to inform ZUS
about the concluded specific task contracts
to be in force from 2021


In line with new regulations, as of 1 January 2021, entrepreneurs will be obliged to inform ZUS (the Social Insurance Institution) about concluded specific task contracts.

The aim of this change is not only a stricter control over all civil law contracts but also a swifter aid in the Anti-Crisis Shield programme.

Registering specific task contracts

The early days of 2021 brought about many changes for entrepreneurs in Poland, including the new obligation to report specific task contracts to ZUS. The main aim of this solution, as stipulated in the Anti-Crisis Shield programme, is providing effective financial aid to companies affected by the economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is not the only advantage of the proposed change. From now on, ZUS will be updated on the number of specific task contracts being concluded in Poland. Until now, ZUS depended only on estimated numbers. Registration of specific task contracts will also enable ZUS to supervise social security obligations.


How to provide ZUS with required information

As of this year, entrepreneurs are obliged to report signed specific task contracts to ZUS no later than 7 days after each contract has been concluded. Contracts can be registered electronically via PUE (Platforma Usług Elektronicznych) on ZUS website. In order to register a contract, a RUD form has to be filled in with all necessary information about the contract in question. New rules apply to everyone – those, who already pay contributions to ZUS, and natural persons, who are not yet registered as contribution payers.


Does every specific task contract have to be registered in ZUS?

There are cases in which specific task contracts do not have to be reported to ZUS. If a contract is concluded between an entrepreneur and their employee, there is no obligation to register it. Other exemptions from the rule include declarations made for the employer but contracted with another entity, and contracts concluded with persons conducting their own business activity, in which case the contract must pertain to the service provided within the nature of that business activity.


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