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Changes in JPK
(Polish SAF-T)


Polish tax law will face many changes in 2021, including changes in JPK (the Polish Standard Audit File for Tax).

The new regulations regarding VAT declaration JPK_V7 have already been applicable from 1 October 2020. VAT payers must submit both VAT declaration and transactional VAT records in one electronic form. Yet this is not the only change in JPK, there are other new rules which must be observed as an incorrectly filed declaration may lead to a fine.

New JPK format – what to look out for?

Changes in JPK should not come as a surprise, as they were already announced in 2019. Submitting one form with monthly (JPK_V7M) or quarterly (JPK_V7K) declarations in an electronic format is much more convenient for many reasons. However, quarterly declarations still require settling transactional VAT records on a monthly basis. There are also more details to revise.

JPK facilitates the process of settling VAT and speed up the process of data verification of a given document. JPK format includes not only VAT declarations (purchase and sales records) but also JPK_WB (bank statements), JPK_PKPIR (revenue and expense tax ledger), JPK_EWP (revenue registry) and JPK_KR (accounting ledgers). It enables a detailed verification of information on a given enterprise.


GTU codes – a significant change for some entrepreneurs

Changes in JPK also include providing mandatory GTU codes for sensitive goods and services. There are 13 GTU groups assigned to goods or services subject to increased tax control. These items include goods such as alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, secondary raw materials, electronic devices, vehicles and car parts, fuels and diesel oils, precious and non-precious metals, medications and medical devices, and building materials.

Services which require GTU codes include transport services and warehouse management, services regarding greenhouse gas emission, and the so-called intangible services. Intangible services include such fields as accounting, legal, marketing, advertising, consulting, training and research.


How to structure JPK?

JPK format must be kept in accordance with Ministry of Finance’s recommendations. Tools necessary for generating and correctly filling the JPK form are made available by Ministry of Finance, along with a brochure outlining any new regulations, which one should become familiarized with before submitting the form. All tools on government websites are kept up to date and are compliant with new regulations. There are, of course, other methods of generating JPK forms, such as using a paid JPK form version provided by GOFIN. The paid version of GOFIN format includes access to VAT declarations and transactional VAT records submitted in the JPK, as well as support in the electronic filing process.


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