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Tikkurila Sweden
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Tikkurila is a leading Finnish company in the paint industry known for its strong brands, high-quality surface treatment products and expert services. EFF came to know them through our partnership with MediusFlow, a provider of an invoice workflow automation system that Tikkurila was implementing alongside a new ERP system in form of Microsoft Dynamics AX.


We began our work with Tikkurila’s Polish entity when our consultants visited their office, conducted user trainings and helped with configuration of the system. Afterwards, our partnership expanded, and we were able to aid in the same process for their Danish entity. Additionally, we externally solved issues connected to MediusFlow for other companies in the group (including entities from Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia).

A noteworthy project was our work done for Tikkurila Sweden which was carried out in two stages showcasing different ways a company can use EFF’s services:

Firstly, we visited Tikkurila’s office in Stockholm to aid users with on-going issues with the system and find to sustainable solutions for future use of the software

Secondly, for approximately six months we provided a temporary workforce for Tikkurila Sweden. Our consultants worked directly from our office in Poznan and processed purchase order invoices in MediusFlow. This way Tikkurila was able to ease the transition to the new system without having to engage new employees. Without EFF’s help that could prove to be a challenge especially during the summer holidays


In general, the goal of implementing tools like invoice automation systems is to establish a more efficient and transparent accounts payable process. However, change is not easy, and it takes time for employees to get familiar with the new software and to change their habits. Learning all the capabilities of the new solution is time-consuming and quite often users are not aware of the possibilities offered without the help of experienced professionals. This is where EFF can step in with our offer.


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