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Thule Poland
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Thule is a Swedish company with a global presence and a market leader in several product categories relating to outdoor and transportation products.

Their product line includes car roof boxes, roof racks, bike racks, bicycle trailers and many more. Their products are sold in 140 countries, it has over thirty-five sales offices around the world and their net sales reached 6,5 billion SEK in 2018.


EFF was introduced to Thule through one of our business partners – Bestin Shared Services. The identified potential cooperation concerned the processing of incoming invoices for Thule’s Polish entity. This way the finest in-house capabilities of both Bestin and EFF were able to be utilized. Bestin provided an invoice registration solution in form of OptoSweden software and EFF administered employees who could process invoices efficiently due to their knowledge of the language and local accounting principles.


We pride ourselves on the skillfulness of our employees and attest that scalability is another one of our core strengths. We were able to showcase our flexibility when gradually processing high volumes of invoices to the new software. Depending on the number of incoming invoices we were able to easily adjust the workforce needed to assure an efficient workflow. During the transition period after implementing a new invoice registration system, employees often have less time for other duties since the constant processing of documents in an unknown platform takes more time. This is where EFF can help by offering experienced accountants with knowledge of many different ERPs and workflow systems to make the process as smooth as possible.

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In case of Thule Poland the EFF offer consisted of just one, but crucial role:

invoice registration

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