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Haldex Sweden
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Haldex is a corporate group of Swedish origin which operates in eighteen countries within the continents of Europe, Asia, North and South America. Haldex concentrates on brake and hydraulic components, as well as other products aiming to improve vehicle safety.

EFF takes care of the accounts payable process for Haldex companies located in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Sweden. This case study concerns entities located in Sweden.


Cooperation between EFF and Haldex Sweden began in 2017 with a process related to internal invoices called triangulation. The process involves issuing internal invoices in one company and receiving and registering them as supplier invoices in another entity. The scope of entrusted responsibilities widened over time. EFF took over the processing of expense invoices (registration and distribution) and purchase order invoices (registration and matching).


Due to a successful cooperation between EFF and Haldex Sweden, KPIs like the touchless invoice ratio, lead time or the number of overdue invoices have significantly improved within two years.

The accounts payable process for Haldex Sweden involves registering invoices using Readsoft applications and booking them in MS Dynamics 12.0 using MediusFlow software.

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The main accounts payable responsibilities handled by EFF consist of:


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