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Cederroth AB
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Cederroth is a company within the Orkla group which sells a portfolio of brands within the personal hygiene and care market.

EFF was given the job of taking over an existing AP process at Cederroth AB (now Orkla Care AB). This was done in connection with retirements and reorganization at Cederroth. EFF took over the daily work of registering/ scanning invoices and processing them in the OPTO invoice workflow system. EFF also provided support with bookings and maintenance work in the ERP-system MOVEX.


For Cederroth working with EFF turned out to be a safe bet. As EFF could assign personnel with previous experience with both processes concerned and with transferring tasks between organizations and locations, the change was very smooth. No transitional problems or costs were incurred, and cost savings were about 50%.

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Our offer for Cederroth consisted of the following activities:

invoice registration

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